The International training Intercultural Learning towards Sustainable Fashion ended successfully. Under the guidance of trainers from Romania (Kasta Morrely Association), Portugal (Intercultural for All Organization) and Tunisia (Sfax University), the training became a basic landmark for the participants by developing skills in areas such as sustainable fashion, creative entrepreneurship, image promotion and fashion theater ® in a creative process of intercultural learning.

The training is an activity of the European project “Fashion Sustainability in the Spotlight, New Trends of Intercultural Learning”, project co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

The International training Intercultural Learning towards Sustainable Fashion that took place on 21-28 March 2021 in Iasi, Romania involved young people from the North East region, at the beginning of careers in the fields of cultural and creative industries and motivated for personal, social and professional development.

EC Training RO-1

The training included the transmission of theoretical, technical and conceptual information, the development among participants of skills such as the collection and selection of specialized information in the field of fashion, the application of creative research methods and applied methods in European cultural policies. The sessions had a complementary approach through the specific topics of fashion design, graphics, ways of transmitting culture and values ​​through fashion design, introduction of traditional specifics in fashion design, sustainable fashion, developing a successful brand in sustainable fashion, communication strategies in entrepreneurship, ethics and Fashion Theater®.

Among the participants’ appreciations we mention:

– “ the information was structured so as to be easy to understand, which contributed to a clear and balanced assimilation process ”,

– “ every day brought something new, valuable that will always remain in our minds, as well as in our heart ”,

– “ the involvement, expertise and way of communication of the trainers were efficient and at the highest level of professionalism ”,

– “ we had the opportunity to learn from the best in these fields, which we are very happy, and their qualification and knowledge were felt at every word ”,

– “ both the practical organization and logistics supported the development of activities in an optimal way ”,

– “ the usefulness of the received information reaches the highest standard, due to the efficiency in the implementation of training course, through clarity and professionalism”.

EC Training RO-2

The project “Fashion Sustainability in the Spotlight, New Trends of Intercultural Learning” continues with new informative and interactive activities to promote the fashion sustainability. We invite you to follow the online information resources through the videobook format both on the project website and on the social networks @fashionfortomorrow.official.

Kasta Morrely is an international cultural association, of human rights defence coordinated entirely by multi-qualified specialists, which actively advocates for the sustainable development of democratic society by promoting skills and qualifications in all areas of activity.

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