The Creative Industries Festival® Kasta Morrely Fashion Week, fall / winter edition 2021/2022 was hosted by the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace in Bucharest. The main event took place in digital format, being broadcast on Saturday, December 11 on the pages of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week.

Program Kasta Morrely Fashion Week F/W 2021 contents:


02 Addy

Designer of European noble and royal houses, ADDY VAN DEN KROMMENACKER from the Netherlands opened the program of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week digital edition 2021/2022. The evening dresses signed by the fashion designer propelled him to the heights of celebrity, these being constant in the elections of Dutch and international celebrities, on the red carpet at the great events of the world.

01 Addy


ANNE’S BRIDAL from Bucharest surprised us, as always, with the splendid wedding dresses, designed to flatter any type of silhouette of stylish women. Anne’s Bridal dresses give brilliance to every event, thanks to the fine stitching, elegant materials and distinctive clothing style. The creations are unique, Anne’s Bridal salon being the exclusive importer of the international wedding dress brands Milla Nova and Lorenzo Rossi, brands with extensive experience in the design of the perfect dress.

03 Annes
04 Annes


05 Roox

ROOX CLOTHING LINE from Baia Mare, presented elegant outfits from its own collection of natural fur clothes, leather jackets, coats and fur jackets. Elegance prevails when it comes to Roox Clothing Line, the clothing being refined, flattering any silhouette and being intended for both ladies and young ladies.

06 Roox


The personalized leadership program for children KASTA MORRELY KIDS from Iași presented a moment of Fashion Theater® entitled “I am chic”. The designers are the creative mothers of the Leadership Program, supported by the company SIMODA by Simona Vasiliu.

07 KMK
08 KMK


09 Disia

Clothing design is a way of expressing creativity, beauty and discipline that characterizes the way Diana Afrenie works in the DISIA COUTURE workshop in Craiova, of which she is the founder. Disia Couture’s signature creations are refined and stylish, inspired by life, nature and landscapes, and the “Velvet Couture” Collection is a demonstration of Diana’s artistic talent.

10 Disia


SEROUSSI Iași presented the seasonal collection, with a varied range, both chromatically and from the point of view of fabrics, made of natural fibers, with outfits adapted to the requirements of the modern man, conservative or cosmopolitan.

12 Seroussi
13 Seroussi
11 Seroussi


11 Carolina Design

The fashion brand CAROLINA DESIGN from Timișoara presented outfits from the seasonal collection with natural fur garments, carefully made in its own workshops: luxurious fur clothes, coats, fur jackets and leather for any age, but also fur accessories and natural leather for both women and men. Sporty or elegant, Carolina Design outfits are truly splendid, their trendy clothing design attracting all eyes.

12 Carolina Design


BUTICUL EVEI from Bucharest, a 100% Romanian workshop, which produces elegant, casual-chic or sportswear, with a special style, intended for refined ladies and gentlemen, presented the best rated pieces from the holiday collection, red, black. , beige and green being the dominant colors. The outfits made in Buticul Evei workshops are appreciated by the general public and enjoy a growing popularity among fashion and beauty lovers.

14 Buticul Evei
13 Buticul Evei


15 By Danina

100% Romanian brand, BY DANINA creates clothes of the highest quality for children aged between 0 and 14 years. These clothes are created so that they can be worn for at least two generations, from the best quality and carefully selected materials, which resist well to wear, but also let the skin breathe. The prints are another strong point of the By Danina brand, being inspired by immortal stories and giving the clothes an extra personality.

16 By Danina
17 By Danina


Suitable for the special moments in the lives of stylish ladies and gentlemen, the elegant outfits made by ROXY FASHION in Bucharest bring to the fore the beauty of the person wearing them and an extra refinement. Roxy Fashion dresses are made by a team with over 30 years of experience in the field of clothing, and the special elements are hand-embroidered with great care and passion.

18 Roxy
19 Roxy


20 Lily

LILY OF THE VALLEY from Sibiu is one of the few Slow Fashion brands in Romania, inspired by classic femininity, the beauty of natural materials and the art of embroidery. Through her creations, the Lily of The Valley brand wants to give women the power to express their femininity. The outfits worn by Lily of The Valley have a sophisticated and subtle simplicity, emphasizing the quality of materials, embroidery and execution, but especially the desire for the brand’s clothes to make every woman feel beautiful, confident and unique.

21 Lily