Kasta Morrely Fashion Week spring / summer 2022 edition with public took place between 29 April – 1 May 2022 at the Agora Events Center Iasi.

Program Day 3 Kasta Morrely Fashion Week S/S 2022 contents:


01 Oksana

AMARIGE FASHION GROUP presented the OKSANA MUKHA collection from Ukraine, a luxury brand for wedding and evening dresses for women. Amarige Fashion Group is a haute-couture destination, of high class and refined clothing, for stylish brides and tasteful women. In the last three decades, Oksana Mukha has become an epicenter for luxury bridal fashion, gaining top positions in European and global markets, continuing to gain the admiration of women around the world.

02 Oksana


KASTA MORRELY JUNIOR is a specialized department established at the initiative of association members who wanted to involve their children in cultural and educational projects and programs specific to their age. They presented a Fashion Theater moment entitled “Shine of the Empire”.

KMFW 2 - Kasta Morrely Kids
KMFW 2 - Kasta Morrely Kids 2


03 Lily

For the Spring-Summer 2022 collection, Lily of The Valley reflects femininity, inspired by the beauty of spring, which in a gentle way but with great force, nature is reborn after a long winter, enveloping us in a sea of ​​vivid, fresh and raw colors. Hence the name it bears: Spring Blossom. Using refined natural materials and embroidery in organic shades mirroring nature, the collection suggests a feeling of refinement and elegance, each piece bearing the imprint of spring through a unique embroidery. The collection is an example that sustainable fashion is elegant, versatile and expresses femininity.

04 Lily


Passion is little said when designer Diana Afrenie talks about fashion, as what Diana invests in clothing is the love of life and beauty, accompanied by the specializations in clothing design, pattern and tailoring that she followed. Clothing design is a way of expressing creativity, beauty and discipline that characterizes Diana’s way of working in the Disia Couture workshop of which she is the founder. The creations bearing the Disia Couture signature are refined and stylish, inspired by life, nature and landscapes.

06 Disia
05 Disia


08 Obis

Fashion brand Nicoleta Obis with a presentation dedicated to Sustainable Fashion on the Kasta Morrely Fashion Week catwalk – the “Freedom” capsule collection. A follower of fashion sustainability, Nicoleta Obis brings in the spotlight outfits designed with materials made of natural fibers, wool, cotton. The designer’s motivation starts from the words “Dare more” which determined her to exceed the limits of the usual, her finished product being one of superior quality with details that require special attention.

07 Obis


Combining the classic-elegant with the versatile and comfort, VICTORIA SAVA proposes original outfits, taking into account the importance of every detail to reach unique outfits. The passion for fashion, the use of materials with special textures and the tailoring adapted to new trends, are some of the elements that emphasize femininity, elegance and glamor style equally in the creations signed by the designer.

10 Victoria Sava
09 Victoria Sava


11 SC1

Within the project “Sustainability of Fashion in the spotlight, new trends in Intercultural Learning”, a project co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union, project leader Kasta Morrely Association, was created an intercultural collection to promote sustainable fashion, made by to a team of designers from Katty Fashion Romania, Intercultural for All Portugal and Sfax University Tunisia, respecting the principles of sustainable fashion and the traditional specifics of each country represented.

12 SC1