Kasta morrely fashion week fall/winter 2021


The Creative Industries Festival® Kasta Morrely Fashion Week, fall / winter edition 2021/2022 was hosted by the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace in Bucharest. The main event took place in digital format, being broadcasted on Saturday, 11 December on the pages of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week.

The cultural fashion event presented through Fashion Theater® the trends of 2022, creations of clothing art, sustainable fashion, glamorous fashion collections of some rising designers in the field of fashion. The fulfillment of the quality standards required by the qualifications of a fashion cultural event bearing the Kasta Morrely signature was made together with international guests and mannequins prepared according to the Occupational Standard.



In the program of the cultural fashion show, the fashion brands presented their capsule collections: Anne’s Bridal, Eve’s Boutique, By Danina, Carolina Design, Disia Couture, Kasta Morrely Kids, Lily of the Valley, Roox Clothing Line, Roxy Fashion, Seroussi, together with special guest Addy van den Krommenacker designer of the noble and royal houses of Europe.



The digital event Kasta Morrely Fashion Week also presented a series of informative-educational materials about sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, slow fashion and circular fashion. They completed the fashion show, unique films from behind the scenes of fashion workshops where the two intercultural collections of sustainable fashion Romania – Portugal – Tunisia were made, within the international project dedicated to fashion sustainability.




The theme of fashion sustainability brings to the fore the importance of cultural, social, ethical, environmental and economic values in the process dedicated to sustainable development.