23 October 2021

M.O.VE Solidário: this was an event held on 23.10.2021 at Escola Secundária Alcaides de Faria, Barcelos. It consists of an event to promote active living and fight cancer. It was attended by around 250 people. At this event, IAFA and the international volunteers presented the project to the community.

03 March 2022

IAFA is an organization working with the European Solidarity Corps programme. In this sense, in the month of the event “Moda Intercultural Barcelos”, we count with the collaboration of about 6 international volunteers. Therefore, an introduction and preparation meeting was held with our volunteers.

20 April 2022 – 23 April 2022

Qualifica: This event took place between 16.03 and 19.03.2022 at Exponor, Porto. It is an education, training, youth and employment fair. At this event, once again, IAFA together with international volunteers presented the international project “Fashion Sustainability in the potlight, new trends of intercultural learning”.

9 May 2022

Unidade Curricular de Empreendedorismo Social – IPCA: With this activity it was intended to show to young Portuguese people IAFA, Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, Creative Europe programmes and the respective projects. In this way, IAFA presented the fashion project.

28 May 2022

Organizations’ Fair – Barcelos: this event was organized by the municipality and its aim was to make the community aware of the organizations that exist in Barcelos and their activities. IAFA was present and dedicated one day to the dissemination of the project “Fashion Sustainability in the spotlight new trends of Intercultural learning”.

02 June 2022

IPCA Seminar: during one week all Barcelos organizations were present at IPCA. The aim was to attract students to become volunteers for these organizations by introducing the organization and their projects. Once again, IAFA was present with the International volunteers and presented the project and the different activities to the students.