The European project Fashion Sustainability in the spotlight, new trends of Intercultural Learning was successfully launched and now we are in the implementation stage.

     The project consortium is composed by the project coordinator, Kasta Morrely Association, from Romania and the international partners Organization Intercultural for All from Portugal and University of Sfax from Tunisia.

     The project is co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

     The implementation period of the project is October 2020 and June 2022.

     The project “Fashion Sustainability in the spotlight, new trends of Intercultural Learning” aims to support capacity building and audience development in fashion by enhancing sustainable fashion awareness, creative and intercultural competences in the fashion domain through non-formal education and fashion performing arts, valuing the social modernization and culture preservation. The project aims to be an innovative demonstration of democratic access to culture and performing arts and promotes innovation of civic education in culture, professionalism, value and quality in the culture of fashion.

     The project is grounded on the general concept of increasing the level of fashion literacy and educational value of professional fashion through an integrated approach of intercultural leaning towards sustainability in fashion.

     The project will bring performance in the fields of creative industries by structured development of new forms of artistic expression, encouraging awareness of the benefits of the collaboration of specialists and artists from various cultural fields with focus on the performing arts, sustainable fashion design, intercultural learning, formal and non-formal education.

     Project main activities include:

  • Training “Intercultural learning towards sustainable fashion” in Romania, Portugal and Tunisia
  • Co-working on two Intercultural Sustainable Fashion collections
  • Cultural & Creative Fashion Expressions in Romania – International Creative Industries Festival: Kasta Morrely Fashion Week
  • Cultural & Creative Fashion Expressions in Portugal – Moda Barcelos
  • Cultural & Creative Fashion Expressions, International Fashion event in Tunisia
  • Job shadowings within the Cultural & Creative Fashion Expressions

     Two of the project outputs will be a Fashion cultural magazine and a Guide of good practices on intercultural learning through fashion performing arts.

     According to the information published by the Creative Europe Desk Romania – Culture Subprogram, Kasta Morrely through the project “Fashion Sustainability in the Spotlight, New Trends of Intercultural Learning” is one of the 6 organizations in Romania involved in cultural cooperation projects as leader, funded by Creative Europe Program of European Union in the 2014-2020 funding period.

     Below is an excerpt from the official brochure published by the Creative Europe Romania Office – Culture Subprogram