The consortium of the European project “Fashion Sustainability in the spotlight, new trends of Intercultural Learning” co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union is composed by:

  • the project coordinator Kasta Morrely Association from Romania
  • the international partner Organization Intercultural for All from Portugal
  • the international partner Sfax University from Tunisia

The partnership is driven by the fact that Fashion should be protective towards both the environment and the people. It paves the way for a modern, humanistic, sustainable and fashionable thinking by bringing a new input on the audience taste cultivation towards Sustainable Fashion, promoting Textile Heritage and Cultural Diversity.

Kasta Morrely, as a project leader and international cultural organization of human rights defense, coordinated entirely by multi-skilled specialists, actively advocates for the importance of performance in the sustainable development of democratic society, by promoting skills and qualifications in all areas of society.

Kasta Morrely has a portfolio of 19 years of successful work in promoting the values of the creative industries, being rated as an example of good practice at European level for its cultural and leadership training projects under the European Commission’s priority programs.

Kasta Morrely is also part of the group of European experts contributing to the development of the future action plan on the cultural dimension of sustainable development.

Intercultural for All in Barcelos, Portugal, promotes intercultural cooperation between specialists through various dynamic programs covering topics such as human rights, equal opportunities, reducing unemployment, cultural diversity and the creative economy.

The trainers of the organization who will be with Kasta Morrely in our project have over 20 years of experience in extensive intercultural learning programs to support the development of creative entrepreneurship, the promotion of European culture and traditions.


University of Sfax is rated as the best university in Tunisia and among the top 500 universities worldwide.The university will be involved in the project through the Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts in Sfax, especially the design department of this institute has a special role in Tunisia, as it supports the key export sectors of the economy, textiles and clothing.

The university professors, whom we are pleased to have joined Kasta Morrely in our project, address a wide range of advanced studies in support of sustainable fashion, from policies and measures to be implemented in the textile industry to design and fashion design.