The third training Intercultural Learning towards Sustainable Fashion took place successfully on October 11-15, 2021 in Barcelos, Portugal.

The training Intercultural Learning towards Sustainable Fashion was organized by the partner organization Intercultural Association for All from Portugal with the involvement of the local collaborator ETG – Escola de Technologia e Gestão de Barcelos (School of Technology and Management Barcelos) within EMEC- Empresa Municipal de Educação e Cultura de Barcelos (Municipal Company of Education and Culture Barcelos). The training was implemented by an international team of trainers from the Kasta Morrely Association in Romania, the Intercutural Association for All in Portugal and Sfax University in Tunisia. During the training, Kasta Morrely Association was represented by multi-qualified trainers Dr.  Ana Hriscu,  Doctor in Ethics applied to the field of fashion and Fashion Theater®, Executive President of Kasta Morrely Association and Mihaela Clincu – Deputy Project Coordinator, Development and Innovation Director Kasta Morrely.

Under the guidance of trainers from Romania (Kasta Morrely Association), Portugal (Intercultural for All Organization) and Tunisia (Sfax University) 25 young people at the beginning of their careers in cultural and creative sectors such as clothing design, graphic design and photography in Barcelos developed skills in areas such as sustainable fashion, creative entrepreneurship, image promotion and Fashion Theater®  in a creative process of intercultural learning.

The international training Intercultural Learning towards Sustainable Fashion enjoyed a beneficial impact and appreciative results from both young participants and local community representatives through the level of expertise and professionalism in conducting international trainings in cultural and creative industries, demonstrated by the coordination team and implementation involved.