Kasta morrely fashion week spring/summer 2021 DAY 1

Kasta Morrely Fashion Week spring / summer 2021 edition took place between 30 June – 3 July 2021 in the hybrid version, both digitally and with the public, because of the restrictions of covid19.

30 June 2021 Digital event Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Broadcast LIVE Streaming from the Romanian seaside on Facebook and Instagram pages Kasta Morrely Fashion Week.

Program Day 1 Kasta Morrely Fashion Week S/S 2021 contents:



Designer Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Cruise Edition 2021

The designer of the Royal House of the Netherlands, Addy Van Den Krommenacker continues the tradition of launching his collections at Kasta Morrely Fashion Week. Addy Van Den Krommenacker launched hir first collection in 2002. Since then, his fashion shows have proven to be a real success, propelling Addy to the heights of celebrity. Addy Van Den Krommenacker evening dresses are among the choices of Dutch and international celebrities on the red carpet at major world events.



Designer Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Cruise Edition 2021

Defined as a fusion between classic and modern, Anna Forgaci Wedding welcomes its customers with a generous range of Italian and Oriental brands ready to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. The designers of haute couture clothing GattiNolli by Marwan and Saiid Kobeisy from Lebanon are the luxury designers represented exclusively in Romania by Anna Forgaci Wedding. The collections of these designers were filmed exclusively on the luxury yacht Alezzi during the Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Cruise Edition 2021.



Designer Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Cruise Edition 2021

The term 'affordable couture' best sums up the Monarch?s goal ? to provide customers with a unique, haute couture-like experience at affordable prices. The passion for beauty and the desire to achieve quality things are the strengths of the brand! Monarch is the definition of designer clothing creations, which correlate the quality of the materials, the impeccable cut, the finesse and elegance of the pieces, with the joy of living the moment, of feeling as good as possible with a creation specially designed for you.



Designer Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Cruise Edition 2021

Combining classic-elegance with versatility and comfort, Anastasia Atelier proposes original outfits, taking into account the importance of every detail to reach unique outfits. The use of materials with special textures and tailoring adapted to new trends are some of the elements that emphasize femininity, elegance and glamor style alike.



Designer Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Cruise Edition 2021

With 3 years of experience in the fashion industry, Eve Juliett is a 100% Romanian brand that is starting to be known internationally. Attention is paid to creations for girls. Each piece is handmade, from design, production to finishing, offering exceptional quality, craftsmanship, a lot of imagination, attention to detail and a special charm. The collection prepared for the KMFW digital edition is called Maria and consists of 9 outfits. The collection is dreamed of by a little princess on a summer afternoon, rendering a sincere and warm friendship between two friends who find themselves at the sea.



Designer Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Cruise Edition 2021

With a remarkable presence, for over 20 years in Cluj-Napoca, Daleea Fashion has managed to create its own style easily recognizable by quality and authenticity. Custom outfits are professionally crafted with digitally embedded embroidery. Promoting elegance in the products it creates, Daleea Fashion House impresses with its original design and the common sense of the outfits, which always bring a note of good taste in any circumstance. Using folklore as a source of inspiration, the workshop uses natural materials and a wide range of high quality fabrics.



Designer Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Cruise Edition 2021

Nicoleta Obi? tries to get that product that benefits different silhouettes. The principle behind a new collection is always the comfort of movement and the positive attitude that a suitable outfit can give.



Designer Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Cruise Edition 2021

Dames is the place where you can buy original women?s outfits, made in Romania, made exactly to your size. Distinguished by innovation, Dames impresses with its outfits with digital prints, spectacular that highlight your femininity. The materials in natural wool, cotton, silk make Dames outfits comfortable, elegant and easy to match. At Dames you will find thematic collections inspired by the Romanian folk costume, traditional, modern holidays or the beauty of nature.



Designer Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Cruise Edition 2021

Full of energy, courage and beauty, the Atmosphere team offers a diverse range of women?s clothing. Glamorous long dresses perfect for special evenings, short dresses ideal for a cocktail, blouses and jackets that highlight your personality and define your style are just some of the outfits offered by Atmosphere. The outfits reflect emotions, opportunities, moods and are perfect for any event in a woman?s life.



Designer Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Cruise Edition 2021

Kasta Morrely Kids is a specialized department set up at the initiative of the members of the association who wanted to involve their children in projects and cultural and educational programs specific to their age.